Solar Battery


Solar Battery

Make your solar supply unstoppable with a solar battery.

Adding solar batteries to your solar system is the most effective way to power your home at night when your solar panels don’t generate electricity. Not only for nights, but solar batteries also work wonders by supplying enough electricity during the rainy seasons, cloudy days, and power outages.

Real Aussie Solar offers solar installation services for both homes and commercial buildings. In addition to installations, we also deliver top-rated solar batteries that are designed according to Australian weather conditions. Solar batteries and other components that are used in solar installations will meet world-class standards when it comes to quality. If you ever need to install a solar battery in Brisbane for your installed solar systems, you can rely on us.

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How do solar batteries work and what is their importance?

Generally, we Australians often use a bit of power throughout the day but a lot in the evening and night. Just like oxygen for humans, solar panels need sunlight to work. Since there is no sunlight at night, solar panels never work and produce electricity. A solar battery’s main function is to supply electricity at night by saving the power that is excessively generated by solar panels in the morning. When your solar panels stop working at night, your home starts to utilise the stored energy from batteries instead of getting power from the electricity grid. This is how solar battery installation in Brisbane got attention among households.

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Solar Battery

What is the advantage of adding a solar battery to your home solar system?

As solar batteries are becoming more popular among people, the number of people that add solar battery in Brisbane to their installed solar panels is increasing. 

  • Energy security: The most recently developed solar batteries are much more effective and recharged directly by sunlight. When solar panels cannot perform their task because of bad weather conditions or other reasons, solar batteries ensure there is no interruption in the power supply. 
  • Boost Your Savings: Drawing energy from solar batteries to power your home at night or during a storm instead of relying on the electric grid is still the most economical option. If you are living in an area where electricity interruptions often occur, then relying on solar batteries will increase your savings on electricity. 
  • Zero noise pollution: Generally, people have the misconception that solar batteries make much more noise while performing their tasks, but this is not the case with solar batteries. Solar batteries work smoothly without producing any annoying noise. They ensure your home’s peace and make sure never to disturb your neighbours. 
  • Help with return on investment: Since there is a big capital investment required for installing solar systems, everyone’s prime concern is the return on investment. Solar batteries boost the time to get a return on investment. Reach out to us to get solar battery storage in Brisbane to reduce the time it takes to get a return on investment. 

Why Us

Why should you choose us over others?

Real Aussie Solar has been the top choice for installing solar systems and for installing solar battery in Brisbane. Here we are listing some points that help us become the first choice for solar service. 

  • Lifespan: we provide the best solar storage battery that has a good lifespan. 
  • Cost: We provide solar batteries at affordable prices. If you are an economically constrained person, Real Aussie Solar is the best choice to install a solar battery in Brisbane. 
  • One-stop solution: In addition to delivering solar installation services, we also provide solar batteries and other essentials that are important for solar installation. We are a one-stop solution. 


Solar maintenance and repairs: Real Aussie Solar offers solar maintenance and repair services to ensure that your installed solar system is in good working order.

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Real Aussie Solar battery Brisbane.

Real Aussie Solar is one of the most trustworthy and reputable solar service providers. All the assets that we have earned so far have a good name among our customers. We made great deals with households that were looking for solar installation. If you are searching for a solar service that will install solar battery in Brisbane, your search will end with us. Feel free to contact us for more information.