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Make solar the most profitable partner in your business by installing solar

If you believe monthly energy bills strongly impact your business growth, then put your business on a successful track by switching to solar. Solar power is the future and the only way to make the world a better place in every way. 

We at Real Aussie Solar are an Australia-based company that specialises in installing commercial solar in Brisbane. In addition to commercial solar installations, we also carry out residential solar installations and deliver quality solar products. We have been successful commercial solar installers in Brisbane and have become the top choice for solar installation. All the experience we have gotten since our services started is the biggest asset that we have earned so far. If you would like to know more about us, keep scrolling down.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar system types

Commercial solar systems come in different sizes according to the business type.

  • Small: A small commercial solar system has a power output of less than 30kW. This is ideal for shops and manufacturing units. 
  • Medium-Sized: Medium-sized solar systems range in power from 30 to 100 kw. This can be well-suited for warehouses and large retail shops. 


Large : This type of solar system is designed for giant commercial buildings or businesses such as shopping malls. Giant shopping malls need 100 kW systems and large types are large-scale solar systems that match the needs of big commercial buildings.

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Commercial Solar

How can commercial solar installation in Brisbane make your business successful?

There are several types of benefits that help businessmen to lift their business by installing commercial solar in Brisbane. Minimising expenses is the best strategy for making a business successful, and switching to solar power is one type of such strategy”. Some of the most important benefits have been compiled by our most successful commercial solar installers in Brisbane

  • High return on investment: consider installing commercial solar in Brisbane as a profitable investment instead of an expensive one because you can expect a high return on investment with solar installations. Probably within 6 to 8 years, all the money that has been invested will be returned to you. 
  • Save money: As we said before, going solar is the best way to save money on monthly energy bills. Saving allows concentration and putting the money where your business lacks. Savings can be used to invest further to grow the business to the next level.


Enhance value: Any building that is installed with commercial solar in Brisbane will have great value among investors or businessmen. If you intend to sell your building forever in the future, having installed commercial solar panels will be a great advantage for you and allow you to make the most profitable deal.

Commercial Solar

Why should you choose us over others?

Real Aussie Solar has been in the solar industry for so long and made a successful mark over the years of installing commercial solar in Brisbane. Here we are listing the points that made us become the most successful commercial solar installation company.

  • Experience in installing commercial solar: Because all of our staff have extensive experience installing commercial solar in Brisbane, they never make minor mistakes or defects. 
  • Successful previous projects: We showcase our previously installed solar panels for commercial buildings to our new customers . Positive feedback for our services from customers is the backbone for us.
  • Maintenance and warranties: For maintenance and warranties, we strictly adhere to solar industry rules and regulations. All our products have warranties. Apart from that, we also provide solar system maintenance services to make them perform well.
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commercial solar

Real Aussie commercial solar in Brisbane

Real Aussie Solar started services with the vision of making solar accessible to every commercial building. Our mission is to become a small part of making the world a better place for the next generation by greatly reducing carbon emissions with the help of solar energy. If you ever find yourself in need of solar companies that install commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Feel free to contact us. Don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form.